Youtube Review: ColorismyWeapon

When you’ve got no money but you’ve got your parent’s support (and I mean your free access to the internet) and aspirations, Youtube is the best avenue to learn. In the beauty guru department, tons of makeup artists or just plain makeup enthusiasts have caught the attention of some viewers…especially me! I’m subscribed to over 300 youtube channels (I know it’s a lot) and I’d like to share to you some of them…have I stayed subscribed to them or not? Can I gamble my life and recommend to you who I think are the best? Stick around.

ColorismyWeapon is the first Cebuano beauty guru I have encountered and subscribing to her channel has led me to discover new doors of beauty and makeup!


Short Background:

ColorismyWeapon is Noe Mae Villagonzalo of Cebu. Currently she is working as a Freelance Makeup Artist and Hair stylist. You can book her for weddings, debuts, graduations, etc. What’s amazing about her life as a youtube guru is that she is currently a student and an active one at that! I can honestly say that because I remember that she was running for a certain position in the Student Government (if I’m not mistaken).

She is currently endorsing Dollface Cosmetics and Flaired Hair Extensions…possibly more but I can’t find more details on that information.

You can also find her teaching makeup application. Just check her facebook page for updates on her workshop schedule. 🙂



A. Tutorials

Her tutorials are quite easy to follow and even though she identifies the product that she uses on the actual tutorial, she encourages to use similar items that you already have on hand.

If you like tutorials with voice overs rather than subtitles, then her channel is definitely for you. You don’t need to read the subtitles to know what she is doing in every step when you can hear her instructions clearly while focusing on what she is demonstrating on the video.



As writing this article, she has 145 videos and the most viewed tutorial is the Simple First Date Look (just click on the hyperlink to get to the tutorial). It currently has over 42,000 views. Amazing, right?

B. Quality

Her video qualities are always superb, causing a lot of viewers to ask what camera and editing software she is using. I won’t specify those information because I believe that she will surely upgrade her equipment or software when she sees the need.

C. Product Reviews

She doesn’t do a lot of product reviews through her Youtube channel (she has done a few) but I believe she does that more in her blog. And unfortunately I’m not a blog reader type of person so I leave that up to you (I just write stuff on the internet and hope someone reads it).

D. Updates

Unfortunately, we can’t blame her if she doesn’t update regularly. She’s a student…well, actually she just graduated. If we are to expect regular uploads, we will definitely know that when she will announce it on her page.

E. Would I Recommend Her?

DEFINITELY! She speaks articulately that you wouldn’t have a hard time understanding her steps. And she definitely has her own way of doing things that she would love to share to you openly. She’s kind enough to answer your inquiry on her youtube or facebook page.

So log in to your youtube account and subscribe to her now! 😀


Where you will see her: Youtube | Facebook | Twitter | Blog


Disclaimer: All photos and screenshots are still owned by Noe Mae V. Uploads on this blog post is for reviewing purposes only.


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