Review: Whisper Sanitary Napkin – Super Clean and Dry versus Cottony Clean




Is it weird to make a review on sanitary napkins? I didn’t actually look up on the internet if there were blog entries regarding this but nevertheless the following are my opinion and I am not a fan of neither Kathryn B. and Julia M. Haha. I just had to get that out of my chest. And clearly, the photo is not mine…I just googled it (guilty!).

I just finished my period, the time of the month, my time of solace.

And during these times of hormone malfunction and personality disorder, I have remembered that I am very picky when it comes to buying a sanitary napkin. I gots to looks for my Whisper Super Clean and Dry with wings!

And hell yeah, I get out of the pharmacy or convenience store empty handed when my beloved choice is not there.

So proper introduction, the products above are the Whisper Sanitary Napkin in Super Clean & Dry and Cottony Clean. If I remember it right, I think the cottony clean was first marketed last year. I’d like to tell you why I chose Super Clean and Dry even when I think Cottony clean was a good idea.




A. Capacity to Absorb

This describes how much the product is capable of its primary function…absorbing whatever substance is coming out.

Super Clean And Dry: ABSOLUTELY absorbs everything…except for pee..Haven’t tried peeing into it…Never will try though so don’t expect that I would do that simply for this blog.

Cottony Clean: This napkin is not ideal for me when it comes to the first three days of my period. It’s like it’s delaying its function to absorb for me…or maybe, the rush was too powerful for it to handle. o.O

B. Comfort

Super Clean And Dry: Well…it is a dry napkin so it’s a bit harsh on my skin especially on days when the rush is getting closer to drought.

Cottony Clean: ABSOLUTELY COMFORTABLE. It is really soft and I feel like I’m on a cloud…not like I know how that feels exactly. I don’t think anyone can be on a cloud (Angels are not just anyone, you know).

C. Packaging

Yes, definitely this is an issue for me.

Super Clean And Dry: It uses the classical Whisper packaging so I had no problem in it.

Cottony Clean: Well…it is something new but I kinda like the original packaging much better. I think the cotton thingies on the packaging are cheesy. I guess it’s for softies…I’m not a softie. o.O


So…as you can see Super Clean and Dry wins the challenge for me. I have to point out though that the napkin that I must wear should have wings…for guys mysteriously reading’s an extra feature on a napkin that helps it stick to the undie much better. I move a lot so…I ABSOLUTELY need it.


Haha. So that’s my review. Hope you learn from it! And I’m sorry that I will never consider tampons…they’re just too scary for me. I feel like it’s going to get stuck there somehow. I am so clumsy that the probability of that happening is close to reality.

What about you? Would you choose Super Clean and Dry or Cottony Clean? Or are you a non-Whisper girl? ARGH! So far, no other sanitary napkin works for me. I’m a Whisper girl like Kim Chiu!




7 thoughts on “Review: Whisper Sanitary Napkin – Super Clean and Dry versus Cottony Clean

  1. waaah. So, review jud s sanitary napkin noh? You’re brave. ahehehe. I can still remember the video on youtube on how to put on tampoons. That girl was really brave. Did you get the inspiration from that video? πŸ˜€

    • Nope. Wala pa ko kakita ana pero giingnan ko nimo ana. Haha. Just thinking of doing a review that doesn’t need to have a photo taken by me. If the napkin was used, I don’t think anyone would want a photo of it so at least ang kailangan ra nako kay drawing. haha. πŸ˜€

  2. I was actually shocked about the mercury drug ako bumili..i chose the super clean and dry heavy flow… 70 pesos…wow…ndi mkatarungan

    • Thanks for commenting! Hm…maybe that’s not the regular pad. Could it be the ultra slim pads or something? Not sure. πŸ™‚ How many pads were in the pack if I may ask?

  3. whisper super dry & clean?? not gonna use it again!! i suffered for 4 days due to skin rashes! been using cottony soft (na out of stock lang), but it’s just for 1 day and the result was a disaster!!!

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