Quest Make Up Artist (Part 2: Materials and Tools, Affordable vs. Reasonable)

Disclaimer: I’m not selling any of these products. I am also not paid for my opinion or even just mentioning the brands. I’m much too unknown for paid advertisements. Haha. πŸ™‚ Photos are also taken from different sources. Most of them are from the seller’s facebook pages.

I know there are more international viewers than local here but I just want to make a list of brands of makeup brushes, palettes and etc that are available here in the Philippines.

AHH!! So you really want to be a makeup artist? Or you just want to play with makeup?

Have you even read the first blog? If not, pause now and click this link and please read the first part of this series. You don’t actually need to be aspiring to be a makeup artist for you to read this series but I guess if you love makeup, you’ll learn something here.

And please please if you have something to add, just comment down below, e-mail me at or tweet @cardbored with hashtag #sketchedscribbled so I won’t think of you as spam. Haha.

From what I remember during high school or college during Biology class, in experiment booklets it always starts with materials/tools before the actual procedure. I just want to do the same thing right now.

I want to list down the different options you can get for makeup brushes, palettes and so forth. I will also give you affordable and reasonable choices…I’m not going for cheap because that’s trash. Everything you own shouldn’t be so cheap that it compromises the use. I’m also not going for expensive because…I don’t go for that thing because I am not actually earning from doing makeup right now so it’s not really worth that high of an investment.


When I bought my first set of brushes, I didn’t want to try local brands and of course, I was wrong but I never regretted buying my Sigma Mr. Bunny Travel set. I could have gotten a 21-pc brush from Suesh though.

Affordable: Dollface Cosmetics

The 22-pc brush set (they don’t have the 21-pc) is only P1800. What a steal! Haven’t tried this one yet I can’t recommend. πŸ™‚

Reasonable: Suesh Pro Sets

It’s P3000 for the 18 pc set you can see on the photo.
395286_10151189507745595_1474181268_n The 18-Pc Set from Suesh Makeup Toolkit
For 21 pc set, it’s P3500.
See all professional brush sets here.

Want personal sets instead? Click here, still from Suesh.

Reasonable: Charm Makeup Brushes
It’s P3500 for a 21-pc set of makeup brushes.
300177_183872818359405_1055256880_n21-PC Brush Set Charm Makeup Brushes

Coveted: Sigma Brushes

You can choose to buy from their website. Just make sure you have a credit card! πŸ™‚ I’d rather buy from sellers who are already based here so it would take for them too long to arrive.

39819_142500569105808_6760744_nProfessional Set from Sigma – Price is about P8000 from Pink Slippers Botique

Sigma Beauty Official Site

Local seller (trusted): The Pink Slippers BotiqueThe Pink Slippers Botique
Photo: 39819

Eyeshadow/Blush/Contour Palette

I have to confess I actually bought an fake palette for this one. The palette I bought was supposedly “Mac” but in reality any palette from Mac is an empty palette and you can order singles of eyeshadow/blush. But the fake palette is actually good except for the yellow color, the color won’t show on skin. :/

Affordable: Dollfaced Cosmetics

You have to choose what color palette best suits your style and client. Dollfaced Cosmetics have palettes that are priced from P800 to P1350.

460067_10150567324644109_232633271_oDollface Cosmetics

Reasonable: Suesh Makeup Toolkit
More than 100 colors are available. Yep, you can just choose the colors you want for P90 per color. Purchase the empty magnetic palettes for P950 and 15 colors can be placed there. πŸ™‚


Coveted: MAC

I’m not even going to put the price here. It’s too expensive (for me, at least) to mention. πŸ™‚

False Lashes

While watching a professional do makeup on one our clients, I realized that they don’t use mascara because the usual mascara sold here weren’t supposed to be shared by different people. It’s not hygienic.

I saw some Youtube gurus have a sort of dispensable mascara from a tube then they can use disposable wands. If you have that, that’s good.

Affordable: Local Mall
Some department stores have false lashes that cost P25-50. I can’t say that I like them at all. Most of them are made of plastic and I will always like my false lashes life-like. Haha. πŸ™‚

Affordable: Suesh Falsies
I actually trust Suesh products because I see a lot of famous makeup artist and celebrities hanging out at their studio. They have falsies that come in a set of 10 pairs for at least P400. So that’s about P40 per pair. What a steal!

Coveted: Skye Avenue
Bought two pairs for P150 so it’s P75 per pair..the price isn’t that bad and the quality is superb. I would love to order the falsies they have here over and over again!

The One Whole Package

Actually if you have some many saved up, you may actually save more if you buy one set from one supplier. You may even own your makeup case!


Other sets are available here.

Here’s a summary of all the trusted suppliers:
5060_230393335594_1054396_nSuesh Makeup Toolkit
Suesh Makeup Toolkit Facebook | Website

8220_147686224108_272353_nDollFace Cosmetics
DollFace Cosmetics Facebook | Website
39066_142496005772931_3859093_nPink Slippers Boutique
The Pink Slippers Boutique Facebook | Website
467126_414791005213738_1515681833_oSkye Avenue
Skye Avenue Facebook | Website

Thinking about purchasing your makeup? Tweet the photo to me @cardbored. If I helped anyone in any way, of course I’d love to know.




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